Super simple crock pot curry or low and slow in the oven. Lamb neck leads itself well to slow cooking and meat had fabulous marbling throughout, which means lots of flavour.


600 g Lamb Neck cut into chunks

2 tins Chopped tomatoes

1 large red onion

2 cloves of garlic – crushed

2 yellow or red peppers – diced

8- green beans – diced

10 okra – cut 1 inch

1 tbls. Cumin

1 tbls. Paprika

1 tsp. Ginger

1 tsp. Ground cardomon

1 tsp. Gram Marsala

1 tsp. Ground corriander

pinch ground cloves

Chili powder – use what you like. I use a pinch with kids.. 1 tsp for grown ups

bunch of fresh coriander  – chop stalks finely for sauce and save leaves to chop for garnish

squeeze lemon juice

Salt & pepper

1 tsp Rapeseed oil


1. Heat up Crock pot (or oven 150c). I cooked on high then turned down to low after about 4 hrs.

2. Heat fry pan on high. Coat chopped lamb breast in oil and a little salt & pepper. Add to hot pan in batches to ensure you don’t overcrowd. Brown well on all sides. Add to Crock pot. Do this till all meat is browned.

3. In the same pan… don’t bin those juices! Turn down to medium and throw in the sliced onions. Coat them in the pan fat. Soften for 5 min and then throw in garlic for a minute. Keep stirring. Pop this in Crock pot. Add a little water to pan and get all the good bits off… add this to Crock pot.

4. Add all the dry spices to meat and onions. Mix well. Add tomatoes, 1/2 can water, peppers and coriander stalks.  Little squeeze of lemon. Stir well and cover. Leave it simmer away for 4 hrs.

5. Stir and test meat. If lovely and tender turn to low. If meat still has resistance.. leave on high another hour. Also taste seasoning. Add salt and pepper as required to taste. This can sit on low till ready to eat.

6. 40 Min before serving, add in beans and okra. Stir well.

7. Cook up some nice rice. Serve this on top and sprinkle generously with chopped coriander.

Enjoy 😉