Well it’s that time of year when my figs are ready! Lucky I know, as not many ripen for people here in the UK, but they seem it love the walled garden. Yay!

So I wanted to make a tart that wasn’t to rich. Like a frangipani or custard tart. This is what I came up with. Hope you enjoy!



5 fresh Figs trimmed & quartered

hand full of red gooseberries (mine were from leftover from allotment)

Sweet dough

110g unsalted butter

110g caster sugar

1 egg

240 g plain flour

2 g baking powder

Clafoutis Filling

2 eggs

75 g caster sugar

100 ml double cream

100 ml milk

1 tap vanilla extract

40 g plain flour



1. To make the sweet dough, combine the butter and sugar together in a mixer. Add the egg, and scrape down the sides. Add the dry ingredients and again scrape down the sides. Rest for 1 hour in fridge. Pre heat Oven to 180c.

2. Roll out pastry, place in tart case.  Fix any cracks or holes. Blind bake 5 min. At this point I check pastry.. and if it has any areas that have shrunk or holes have appeared, I patch it up and back in the oven for 8 min blind bake. Uncover. Then egg wash and back in oven for 5 min. Let cool until needed.

3. Clafoutis Filling couldn’t be easier. All ingredients in a bowl. Whisk well until no lumps. Set aside for at least 10 min to rest.

4. Time for the oven. Place tart on a baking sheet. Arrange fruit inside the tart. Pour in Clafoutis filling and pop in the oven for 20-25 min until it’s just set. I was going on custard tart consistency with a little wobble.