We regularly have guests staying with us. As I host foreign students. For the first time had a family stay. So the lovely mum, Anita, and I were having a chat. I had just received my order from Alternativemeats.co.uk and in it was a lovely Mangalitsa Ham Hock.. so we decided to make this traditional Northern Spanish dish from region of Asturias. It’s very simple and super rich. Serve with some lovely fresh bread. Don’t be tempted to salt or season prior to end product. The ham hock and bacon are salty already. Only season at the end. I get the chorizo and Morcilla from my fishmongers but you can buy from here https://www.thetapaslunchcompany.co.uk/fresh-spanish-food/buy-morcilla/morcilla_black_pudding_200_g


1/2 bag cannellini beans,

250g bacon lardons

2 raw chorizo

2 Morcilla blood sausages

1 Mangalitsa Ham Hock (https://alternativemeats.co.uk/catalog/product/view/id/1229/s/mangalitza-dry-cured-gammon/)

pinch saffron (http://www.cheshiresaffron.co.uk)

chicken stock.



1.Soak beans overnight in cold water

2. Preheat oven to 120c.  In a Big lidded heavy bottom pot add drained soaked beans, ham hock, sliced sausages, lardons. Top with stock to top of ham hock. Don’t season. Cover this with foil and then top with lid.  Pop in oven for at least 5 hrs. 

3. In a small ramican add a pinch of saffron to a little cold water. Let this infuse all day.

4. After 5 hrs check to see if ham hock is fully cooked. The bone should pull cleanly out. If done remove from pot to a big bowl. Skim fat off beans and stock. Shred the ham hock, removing any fat, and place back into beans mix. Stir in saffron and let infuse to sauce a few minutes. Taste. Season with pepper if necessary but you will not need any salt.  And it’s ready to serve.