I was having a play day and came up with this. I had some left over buttermilk from butter making. Excuse the plate… was also having a pidgeon play day and we’ll need to start putting things on 2 plates.. but anyway…

Kids have been asking for frogs legs for ages. So I decided to French trim them add some flavour and fry. Simple recipe below. I ordered the frogs legs from here. https://www.osgrow.com/products_results.php?Search=1&ProductCategoryID%5B%5D=32

Frogs Legs – French trimmed (google)


Garam Masala

salt & pepper

egg for egg wash

panko bread crumbs

1. Soak trimmed frogs legs in buttermilk for 3 hours. Then lightly coat in garam masala. Season. Then egg wash and panko.  Into hot fryer 2-3 min until golden.


Rhubarb puree

450 g rhubarb

125 caster sugar

1 tsp garam masala

1/2 chilli – I used a mild one. Don’t chop

1. Heat saucepan with rhubarb, sugar, spice and 3 -4 tbls of water. When comes to a boil, turn down to a simmer. Let simmer a few min then cover and remover from heat.

2. When cooled slightly, remove chilli. Add rhubarb and some juice to a food processor and blitz till smooth. Pass though a sieve. Ready to use 👍