We love making pizza in our house. Super easy mid week treat. As I collect children at 3 pm and at 4pm I tend to make the dough before final collection. Ready for when girls get home. I use a breadmaker but just as easy by hand.

Get creative with your dough. Add fresh or dried herb, chili etc. This recipe is easily doubled.

Try making calzones too.. just fold over the dough. Toppings can be what ever you wish.. won’t go into detail.

This recipe makes 3 individual pizzas.

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300 g bread flour

270 ml water

1 tsp salt

1/2 tsp fast acting yeast

1 tbls olive oil



1 can chopped tomatoes

1 tsp sugar

1/4 chopped onion

2 tsp dry Italian spices (oregano, basil, Rosemary, thyme, bay)

olive oil

1 clove garlic – minced


1. Sauce – Gently fry onion in a little olive oil. Once soften addgarlic and dry for a minute. Add tomatoes and herbs and simmer for 10 min. Blitz with hand held blender. Set aside to cool slightly

2. In bread maker set to dough – pizza. (Mine has this feature). Add all ingredients and turn on. You could do by hand. Mix and knead for a good 5 min. Place in oil bowl and let rest. Cover with tea towel.

3. To stretch dough. Cut dough into 3rds. Take one section and using a rolling pin roll out to size. Place dough on oiled baking sheet or pizza stone. I used a pizza peel to make pizzas on before sliding onto my pizza plate. These are available from

4. Start with sauce. Be careful not to go over the edges, as this can lead to sticking. Add topping and cheese. Bake 180c until edges golden brown. 9-12 min

Have fun!!!